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I started this site because I want to make a contribution and be part of the positive sea-change shift that is underway towards natural ways of living on this planet…


However one interprets what’s going on, this is an era in which we are facing up to the fact that we are poisoning the environment.  This is an era where we are forced to look at alternatives to the current polluting, wasteful, profit-led technologies we employ to support our life styles…


What better strategy can there be, than to understand how things work naturally and work with those principles? “Comprehend and copy nature” as a wise man once said.


This 'About' section explains the background to how this website came to be and sets the tone for everything that’s presented here. The content is based on many years, researching, observing, learning, testing and thinking about how natural things work.


In order to present my observations, hypotheses and ideas clearly I’ve broken things down into separate ‘topics’, the first of which is Fish Swimming.  Each topic is a work in progress and I’ll add feedback, amendments and modifications to them as they arise. As time allows, I’ll add more topics but it’s taking a lot of time just to write-up my ideas so things won’t be happen overnight.


Thanks for visiting, I hope this site offers you something of benefit.

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